StudioM13 joins the Portland Winter Light Festival (February 7 - 9, 2019, Portland, OR)
We are excited to be participating in the PDX Winter Light Festival this February, with the first iteration of Artifact. This will be the first opportunity to see work developed during our residency at PLAYA. Come by the Skylab Architecture office windows between 6 and 10pm during the festival.

Lisa tours with Meshi Chavez for California performance and workshop: October 2018
StudioM13’s Lisa DeGrace has been working on the development of a new Butoh dance performance with Meshi Chavez. Bad Unkl Sista invited Meshi and Lisa to bring the piece to Grass Valley, CA for an evening of immersive Butoh performance. Meshi also taught a Butoh workshop in San Francisco on Sunday, October 28, with music by Lisa. A glimpse of our performance site below.


Time, Space… Residency: October 2018
We were honored to have a two-week residency at PLAYA Summer Lake in South-Central Oregon. For two weeks, we engaged with the land, clouds, light, and sounds of the region, gathering material for a video and sound based installation project. We can’t wait to share first drafts of our efforts in late fall. Here is Stephen on a gathering mission on Fremont Ridge.


Join us for Intimacy with Disappearance in Portland, OR: June 2018
We are thrilled to be bringing Intimacy With Disappearance to Portland for a weekend of performances. It has been an honor to work with Aevium, a multi-generational collaboration of 6 woman dancers to bring this piece to life. Ticket information here. Limited seating- please RSVP.

Aevium Performance in Prescott, AZ: March 2018
It’s hard to believe that this piece, Intimacy With Disappearance, is finally coming to life. Aevium is a multi-generational collaboration of 6 women dancers, ranging in age from 14 to 64. Many of the women have been working together for 20 years or more. Aevium has been working on this performance for two years, and brought us into the fold in June 2017, with a residency intensive at PLAYA Summer Lake, where we gather sound and video materials, and began to collectively shape the choreography into a full evening production. We are traveling to Prescott, AZ to bring this beautiful production to life.

Dancer Delisa Myles was interviewed about the process of creation for this show here. We hope you can join us at the Natural History Institute for a performance March 23 or 24! In addition to our sound and video work with the dancers, you will also see a stunning exhibition of photography by Aevium photographer Miana Jun.

New Works Tour: September/October 2017
StudioM13 and Mizu Desierto are joining Seattle’s Degenerate Art Ensemble for a West Coast Tour presenting new work. We will be collaborating with Mizu Desierto to present Matriarch, and Degenerate Art Ensemble is presenting their new piece Skeleton Flower. Dates/locations are: September 22 - 23 at The Grocery (Seattle), September 29 - 30 at The Headwaters Theatre (Portland) and October 21 - 22 at Automata (L.A.). Ticket information is available at the Degenerate Art Ensemble website.

Interview with Yukiyo Kawano and Meshi Chavez about Suspended Moment (August 2017)
This interview was in conjunction with a performance at the University of Oregon/Portland campus on the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Listen here.

Suspended Moment performance in Los Alamos (July 2017)
We are honored to be working with Yukiyo Kawano, Meshi Chavez, and Allison Cobb on Suspended Moment, a project that could well take our lifetime to achieve. Suspended Moment is the brainchild of Yukiyo, a third generation Hiroshima survivor. At the heart of Suspended Moment is a life-sized sculpture of the nuclear bombs dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945. Yuki created the sculptures using the kimonos of her grandmother, stitched together with strands of Yuki’s own hair. Meshi performs with this bomb, with my sound, video by Stephen, and poetry and performance by Yuki and Allison. It is Yuki’s intention that we bring this work to every major nuclear site around the world.

It is an honor to work with Yuki’s vision, and it is an emotional journey each time to perform this work and interact with audience members. It felt both important and terrifying to perform in Los Alamos, in the very room that Oppenheimer and the other scientists involved in the creation of the nuclear bomb socialized.

Each time we perform this work at a nuclear site, we will add something of that experience to the next performance. For example, after performing at Hanford (where the plutonium for the bomb was made), I added the element of water to the soundscape (millions of gallons of water from the Columbia River— as much as 75,000 gallons per minute— were used each day in the creation of plutonium to keep things cool). So, the element of water was added into the score for the performance at Los Alamos, and likewise Meshi brought a new gesture of water to his dance.

Coming away from Los Alamos, I want to add the element of desert… of air… of wind. It will be interesting to see how that unfolds.
- Lisa DeGrace

Hanford Tour and performance for Suspended Moment: October 21st, 2016
We toured Hanford Nuclear Reactor B...

Signal Fire Collaborative Residency : August 2015.
In August 2015, at the height of a historic drought and heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, we were whisked away to the woods for a week-long residency with frequent collaborators Adrian Hutapea and Tracy Broyles. It was a art-opening week. Silence and noise. Cougars. Epic battles between horse flies and yellow jackets. Pristine swimming holes. Ancient trees. Sun. Smoke. Meadow. Light. The emerging performances we have called Collector-ly, and the work continues to unfold.