Portland, Oregon | March 22-24th, 2011 (remounted at Deep FIeld Gallery July, 2012)

A video installation for a group show produced by the Liminal Performance Group. Inspiration for this video installation came while listening to audio versions of Stein’s “Plays” (featured in Doug’s sound composition) and “Matisse.” I imagined a young Gertrude abandoning the expected path of those who came before her; notions which she had to move beyond, excepting a new way of being. She opens the portal and steps through...

During the original installation, the 6 minute video loops endlessly, as does the sound, which is an hour long. The video and sound are not synchronized. Each viewing of the video will reveal a different aspect of Stein’s text.

Concept, Execution : Stephen A. Miller  Sound : Doug Theriault  Model : Lindsey Matheis