In October of 2014, StudioM13 produced an evening exploring concepts of personal evolution, specifically designed for the environment of Disjecta Contemporary Art Center,  Our full length piece Adaptation was preceded by Requiem by Meshi Chavez, and Word on the Street by Lisa DeGrace.  Adaptation was generously funded by RACC.

Observation #1

A brief video exploring the emotions underlying one's personal evolution. The first in a series...special thanks to Lisa DeGrace & Stephanie Lanckton.


I’m fascinated by how we subconsciously adapt ourselves, and so quickly compared to the rest of natural world.  My goal is to unearth and bring to the surface the influences of my own evolution.  The "stage" can distill and focus us into that world of knowing for just a moment.

I see images in primarily two forms: emotion and geometry.  When the two work together I’m satisfied with an image.  Video then to me is simply stringing together thousands of these frames until they make sense together.  I would offer that the viewer can look at the entire piece in this way.  The dancer can become our connection inside the framework created by image and set.  The music is air,,,filling the space, and adding a slight narrative where messages form.

Stephen Miller
October, 2014