StudioM13 is the digital archive for the creative work of Stephen Miller and Lisa DeGrace.


Lisa DeGrace

Lisa DeGrace is a composer and performance artist based in Portland, Oregon. Lisa primarily creates scores and compositions for dancers, as well as her own performance work. She describes her compositions as “environmental soundscapes,” developed from layers of vocal manipulation, sound clips, and live and recorded instrumentation. Her scores offer grounding for narrative, movement, and mood. In addition to composition work, Lisa creates performance pieces steeped in her training as a clown. She does not have large shoes however, and you shouldn't be frightened.  

Lisa lives in Portland with her hubby Stephen... you can read about him just below, he's pretty amazing. In addition to her performance work, she is the Executive Director of Blue Sky Gallery. She also happens to have a tiny cookie business. Her cookies are better than yours.

Stephen A. Miller

“I am motivated by trying to understand, portray, and produce emotional connections with the viewer through visual storytelling. The building blocks in my work are light, geometric sensuality, and psychology. These elements are the way I relate to my surroundings. I seek to create space in which the elements can evolve, be mixed together and distilled - an alchemical process striving toward beauty.”

Stephen A. Miller was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and discovered photography in his late teens while seeking ways to express himself. Through the past 22 years, he has covered a wide variety of subjects, while steadily becoming more interested in unearthing the human psyche, pointing his lens at the “invisible subjects” in his life and the world. In the last two years he has created several installations using still photography and video, both as solo projects and as collaborations with other artists.

Stephen lives in Portland with collaborator-musician-wife Lisa DeGrace. He maintains a job creating 3d illustrative media & photography for the architectural community, currently as Art Director for Skylab Architecture